Maggie lately found a great and lovely jewish guy

Maggie lately found a great and lovely jewish guy

Hello i will be a single Christian mother which enjoys Yeshua and who would want to see a single Messianic Jewish people exactly who loves and uses Yeshua. We donat notice if he comes with young children since I have also carry out, and who does wanna love, living and find out about Yeshua, their projects for Eretz Yisrael, the Jewish anyone, and ministering into the human body of Christ with each other. I must say I love and value the Jewish society and individuals, and would eventually love to visit Israel. I might also choose to discover more about the Biblical Feasts, also to celebrate them versus, or plus, the present day holidays.

Shalom and G-d bless:)

Im a 34 year old black lady just who began attending a Messianic congregation. I grew up in christian family and chapel. I love Yeshua a whole lot and want to reside for G-D. I would like to fulfill a messianic Jew guy. Letas become familiar with both. You can write me personally at passion4jahyahoo

recently I came across a fantastic and beautiful jewish man, the guy doesnA?t have confidence in jeshua but i really like your. Exactly what must I would.. all my entire life i’ve been scared of willpower and thereA?s constantly grounds you need to to fall in love. He addresses my personal correct, is nurturing advantageous to me and difficulty that i’ve found very hard are , do the bible need that folks that happen to be in a relationship need to have similar faith? or perhaps is that simply for marriagea God-created fancy, didnA?t he? I just found this incredible website, I am also interested precisely why men like you really look for individuals christian -messianic while maby you love somebody already.. isnA?t that difficult put away attitude and force your self into some thing..(sorry my personal english just isn’t so excellent, its not my motherlanguage) I would relish it lots should you A?ll send me an reaction!

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To Emma, the scriptures command believers to a?be ye not unequally yokeda?. Take care!

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Shalom individuals, i have already been checking out certain blogs on this site. I’m a believer in Yeshuaahave become since 1982. I think about me a believer because of every one of the divisiveness in these titles, however for earthly needs, I am a Jew. As a result, I do the scriptures (66 e-books) rather severely, as it simplifies life! I will be a 40 year old female searching for a born-again Jew or Gentile (since we are both one out of Messiah). You can be because nice as pie, however the scriptures command all of us not to even make the effort romantically including our selves with unbelievers. G-d knows ideal, thus I bring your at their phrase. In addition to that, you truly must be sometimes never ever married or a widower. Again, the scriptures are obvious, that if you is divorced and your a?exa? continues to be live, then you certainlyare nonetheless marriedaand adultery is a no-no. We see a lot of mixing of scripture with mental desires, and then our method grows more essential than G-das way. Anyway, feel free to get in touch with me personally at if you are not married based on the scriptures. Baruch HaShem!

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The reason why performed my email target maybe not show, while othersa did?

lebethel at live dot com


Hello, i’m a Christian gentile, 35, feminine, contemplating a Messianic Jew for relationship and appreciation. I adore Isreal together with Jewish everyone, and would want to find out the Hebrew words. Everyone loves goodness, lifestyle and character. I am one mum of a 15-year outdated female. I’ve been a born-again believer for 13 years now. Iad love to listen to away from you.


I will be a 25yr christian female and ended up being curious about jewish beliefs and customs for sometime today, i actually do believe G-d had located they on my accomplish listing in life.. Am enthusiastic about writting a book/documentary in interracial dating/marriage between messianic jews and christian from differing backgrounds (black colored,white,hispanic,asianaetc) only trying to clarify the misunderstandings whenever conflict develops, im ready to belong order for us all become enlightened. please e-mail myself if you want to participate in, many appreciativea To G-d function as GLORIA !! Shalom !

Not too long ago its to my center a and time will inform whether it is G-d or otherwise not a that I would like to marry a Messianic man that is unstoppable for Jesus Christ a Yeshua! What are the internet that i could choose, meet-ups in Connecticut. I would love to sign up for as G-d prospects. Josephine i’d want to take part along with you. Kindly get in touch with me inside my email here. Blessings and Shalom!

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hello I will be 55 years old a JEWISH FEMALE RESIDING IN TEHACHAPI CALIFORNIA; * A JEW that enjoys JESUS CHRIST with all of of the woman center. if you are a JEW that really likes YESHUA , OR A CHRISTIAN MAN AND SO ARE LOOKING MARRIAGE, PLEASE EMAIL ME. THANKS A LOT AND SHALOM!

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Itas great to listen and find out just what Jesus does to you now specially to GODaS opted for folk the JEWS. Iam a Pastoras child and also by the elegance of Jesus Iam today a Pastor in our chapel. My dad taught me to love the Jews when Iam still young to compliment, love and hope for the Jewish group. We never coached to overlook the Jewish group or accuse\blame all of them towards death of the father Jesus Christ. Because in my opinion goodness allowed however didn’t wish your Jewish individuals never to accept god Jesus because Messiah to meet Isaiah 53;1-12 and girl.4:4-5 -the Redemption of humanity from sin and itas penalty. However, as a Pastor I must become happy to Jesus for give up on the Jews for the Sakes by providing you the priviledge to provide the actual only real GOD and Saviour the father JESUS Christ. Donat stress cherished Jews as a gentile Pastor our very own Church and our family is hoping when it comes down to tranquility of Jerusalem aswell to any or all the Jews all around the globe that they visited understand the LORD JESUS because MESSIAH(Matt.1:21-22 and Psalm 122:6-7). John chapter 1. JESUS just like the Lamb of Jesus. Iam furthermore hoping for a GOD fearing Jewish lady. Iam 27 yrs older living in the Philippines. If GOD would give myself a GOD fearing Jewish lady and happy to choose us to serve Jesus as a Pastor or Missionary, We Praise and Thank GOD the father JESUS CHRIST. To goodness become magnificence; big things He hath accomplished. Psalm37:4,5 GOD bless us all.


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