Paradigm Group is a multifaceted group with wide ranging business interests. With a global presence and affiliation with some of the most prolific organizations today, the Group is a shining example of entrepreneurship and dynamism.

The IT businesses spread across America, Asia and Africa form the core of the Group. These entrepreneurial ventures took root in 1998 in Columbia, Maryland, when Paradigm Infotech was born. Incorporated with the vision of providing software solutions of the highest standard through customer focused approach backed by high quality processes, Paradigm Infotech is now recognized as one of the finest IT companies in America. Concentrating on providing world class IT services, Product Engineering, Application Engineering and offshore support and development services, Paradigm Infotech carved a niche for itself in a dynamic and demanding market.

In 2002, eCentric Solutions was formed to cater to the increasing opportunities in offshore development. Catering to an increasing clientele of businesses requiring life cycle solutions, eCentric has been able to create sustainable partnerships with organizations across the world. Staffed by a committed team of software professionals, eCentric is also one of the beacons in employee relations.

As the software revolution continued to revolutionize how business was done, the Group realized that the main benefits of the revolution remained confined to urban areas. To extend the impact of this boon to areas not necessarily considered urban, eGramIT was formed. Conceptualized with the hope of transforming lives of people in rural areas across India, eGramIT is a much-lauded BPO and solutions provider with strong operations based out of rural India. Challengers to this model argued that quality would be affected by recruiting resources from these areas but the satisfaction of clients soon silenced the cynics. With annual revenues that continue to grow year after year and some of the leading companies of the world’s as its clients,  eGramIT is helping improve rural economies through a robust business model.

The Group’s latest venture in the IT space is Paradigm Creatives. The mobile application market is booming and is flooded with applications for every conceivable use. But while these applications are while the market is flooded with applications for almost every platform, what is really missing is quality and consistency. The objective of this company is to provide users with a slew of interactive applications for the computing platforms that exist today and which are sure to follow in the coming years.

As the dependence of the world on technology increases, Paradigm IT has primed itself to offer businesses and governments with cutting edge technology solutions for every need.