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Our lives are now incredibly straightforward and structured, thanks to technology. Additionally, this technology has been essential in advancing clinical trials. Clinical trials are being digitized to save time, boost productivity, and reduce paperwork.

In general discussion of Pre-Study Site Visits (PSSV) and Site Initiation Visits (SIV) in the clinical trial process,

A PSSV is a visit to the study site prior to the start of the trial, typically conducted by the sponsor or their representative. The main purposes of a PSSV are

A SIV is a visit to the study site at the start of the trial, typically conducted by the sponsor or their representative. The main purpose of a SIV is to ensure that the site is ready to begin enrolling patients and conducting the trial according to the protocol.

PSSV & SIV in Digital Transformation World:

Overall, technology can aid in making PSSV & SIV process more efficient, cost-effective and increase the success rate of clinical trials.

Technologies Enhancing PSSV:

  • Virtual Visits: PSSV can be conducted remotely through virtual technology such as video conferencing, which can save time and costs associated with travel.
  • Site qualification and management software: These tools can help to automate and standardize the process of identifying and qualifying potential study sites and managing the ongoing relationship with these sites.
  • Cloud-based document management: This technology allows for easy access and sharing of important documents such as site agreements, protocols, and regulatory submissions, among the different stakeholders.
  • Geographic Information System (GIS): GIS technology can help to identify and map potential study sites, and to analyze their suitability based on factors such as patient demographics, accessibility, and proximity to other healthcare facilities.

Technologies Enhancing SIV:

  • Electronic Data Capture (EDC): Electronic data collection and management systems can streamline the data collection process during SIV, making it easier to analyze and report on the findings.
  • Remote monitoring: Video conferencing, remote access to data, and other technologies can enable sponsors and monitors to track a study’s progress and ensure compliance without the need for on-site visits.
  • Electronic informed consent: Electronic informed consent (eIC) software can facilitate the informed consent process by providing patients with interactive, multimedia information about the study and allowing them to sign the consent form electronically.
  • Electronic case report forms (eCRF): eCRF allows for the electronic capture, validation, and reporting of study data, which can help to improve data quality and reduce errors.


In summary, PSSV and SIV are critical stages in the clinical trial process for digital transformation in the healthcare industry, it is important to conduct them to ensure the quality and integrity of the trial data and are typically required by regulatory agencies. They play a crucial role in compliance with regulations and the protocol, and that the data collected is accurate and reliable, also they help ensure that the trial is conducted in a timely and efficient manner, and that the patients are protected and treated ethically.

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